Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Strawberry Lemon Fizz

Yesterday I put up a How to post for making your own Strawberry Lemon Syrup, so it only seems fair to share a tasty recipe to use it. Strawberry Lemon Syrup in a glass with ice and filling it the rest of the way with seltzer water, is so simple and refreshing. 

This refreshing summer cooler is bursting with sweet summer strawberry with hints of citrus. It's perfect for a hot summer afternoon, and it can always be taken up a notch for an evening social by adding some Rum! :)

Here is my recipe for Strawberry Lemon Fizz:
Makes 6 Servings


1/2 Cup Strawberry Lemon Syrup
6 Cups Lime Flavored Seltzer Water
1 Thinly slice Lemon
Thinly sliced Strawberries

Optional: 8 oz. Coconut Rum

Pour the syrup into a pitcher then add the Seltzer Water stir thoroughly. Add ice, lemon slice, and strawberry slice to individual glasses before serving the Fizz. *Add coconut rum*


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