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Hibiscus Limeade with Lemon Balm

Yesterday I put up a How to post for making your own Hibiscus Syrup, so it only seems fair to share one of my favorite recipes to use it. As I mentioned in my previous post, the first time I had Hibiscus tea was from a Trinidadian neighbor. She would make the tea by putting about 3-4TBLSPs Hibiscus Syrup in a glass with ice and filling it the rest of the way with water, simple and refreshing. I decided to experiment a little and add some herbs and fruits from the garden, and that's how I came up with Hibiscus Limeade with Lemon Balm. This refreshing summer cooler has a slightly sweet floral taste with hints of citrus. It's perfect for a hot summer afternoon, and it can always be taken up a notch for an evening social by adding some Rum. I like to add Coconut Rum to top off that Tropical feel! :)

Here is my recipe for Heavenly Hibiscus Limeade with Lemon Balm:

Makes 6 Servings


1 Cup Hibiscus Syrup
3 TBLSP Fresh Lime Juice
1 Thinly slice Lime
A Handful of Fresh Lemon Balm
4 cups of Cold Water

Optional: 8 oz. Coconut Rum

1. Pour the water into a pitcher, put the cleaned Lemon Balm leaves in the pitcher and mottle them thoroughly.

2. Add the Lime juice, Hibiscus Syrup, and mix thoroughly before adding the Lime slices.

Serve with Ice and garnish with a Lime slice and a sprig of Lemon Balm. Enjoy!

I have entered this post in Cooking with Herbs -  hosted by Lavender and Lovage.


  1. Looks really delicious! I never knew about making hibiscus syrup. Nice photos too!

    1. Thanks Gerard! It's so simple and so tasty, hope you give it a try!

  2. Hibiscus is such an beautiful flower and is amazing when used in the kitchen.... But I have never made my own syrup before. Must try this!

    1. Thanks Kate! When you make it, let me know how you like it! :)


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