Thursday, November 13, 2014

Raw Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed Brittle

As most of you are aware, the seasons are changing in the Northern Hemisphere. With the coming of Fall, comes Pumpkins...and Pumpkin Spiced Everything in the Northeast USA!
One of my favorite things to make after Halloween is raw dried pumpkin seeds.
They are great to use in a variety of ways from salad toppings and snacks, to breads
 and my favorite ... brittle!
This Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed Brittle is crisp, crunchy, and sweet with just the right amount of spice to it.
I like using a mix of shelled raw and non shelled raw pumpkin seeds, shelled raw sunflower seeds, and hemp seeds. I feel that the shells give an extra crunchiness to the brittle and the combination of seeds give it a hearty, nutty taste.

Here is my recipe for Spiced Pumpkin and Sunflower Seed Brittle:

Sunday, November 9, 2014

In My Kitchen - November 2014

It's time for another round of the very cool monthly happening called "In My Kitchen" run by Celia at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial.

So here we go....

This Month in my Kitchen...

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Tuesday - Pumpkin Seeds

In the Eastern US, Autumn means pumpkins...Pumpkin pie, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, Pumpkin Carving, Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin everything!

Since we got married, we've made our own tradition of carving theme pumpkins for our steps for Halloween.
Last year was Kishore's introduction to "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with carvings and this year we got into "The Walking Dead" just in time for Halloween!

As much fun as carving is I always try my best to make use of as much of the pumpkin as possible. I know a lot of people have this idea that you can't eat carving pumpkins, well that's simply not true. Before carving,  I usually save the seeds for roasting and scrape the inside throughly and cook that down. While it's true the larger the pumpkin the more water, this just means you have to cook it down longer and drain off the water before using it in pie, bread, or pancakes.

I'll just focus on the seeds for this post...

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